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    Web application development (or web app dev) can cover several software programs that your business is currently running. With software as a service (SaaS) growing increasingly popular you may find it impossible to operate without them. With this in mind, we understand that the need may arise from time to time that you just need a hand with an application. Maybe you have an idea of what you need your applications to do but, just can’t quite get everything to sync.

    That’s were we come in! We specialize in the development of todays most popular business web applications. The benefit to you is that in most cases you’re already paying a monthly subscription for the app. So instead of forking out 10’s of thousands for custom application development we do it for a fraction of the cost and fast.

    Google Workplace

    Hourly Application Development or Quick Fix

    • Gmail Business email

    • Meet Video and voice conferencing

    • Drive Secure cloud storage

    • Docs, Sheets, Slides Collaborative content creation

    Microsoft 365

    Hourly fee for report design, integration or customization.

    • Exchange Business email w/Outlook

    • Teams video and voice conferencing

    • OneDrive Secure cloud storage

    • Word, Excel, Sway, Bookings Collaborative content creation

    Top Business Apps

    Hourly fee for setup, training or deploying new applications.

    • Booking and Appointment Setting

    • Zoom Video and voice conferencing

    • Dropbox Secure cloud storage

    • Application Automation. Workflow processes for business continuity.

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